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Vemvem x Celine Collaboration

Vemvem x Celine Collaboration
Client: Vemvem & Celine

Vemvem is a fashion brand that sells dog clothes mainly for Italian Greyhounds, which need coats that protect against cold weather as a short-haired breed. The collaboration between this brand and Celine, which seeks minimal, sophisticated, and functional design, is expected to have positive results for both brands. Celine will strengthen the message of animal protection while pioneering a new market for dog owners through new-designed dog clothes. In addition, the luxury company will create a new product line more easily by collaborating with a professional brand in a completely different category of dog clothes. Through collaboration with a huge luxury brand called Celine, Vemvem will gain high recognition and the opportunity to showcase its designs and philosophies to more people. In addition, it will be able to challenge new types of products and marketing with a reasonably large budget.