BODE Tokyo

Case Study, Branding
Client: Bode

Bode is currently a fast-growing brand globally, but its products are still not easily available in Asia. Tokyo has the largest fashion market of any Asian city, and it's the market most likely to understand Bode's style. I propose a pop-up store strategy for Bode. A pop-up store is a more efficient way to introduce the brand to new regions and audiences by renting space for a short period of time before launching a full-fledged presence, and it can bring the world of Bode to a large number of people. The challenge I faced before embarking on this project was to fully empathize with the experience and lifestyle of designer Emily Adams Bode Aujla's. To accomplish this goal, I designed a video showcasing her life centered around the spatial design of the whiskey bar. I also planned a collaboration with Japanese liquor company Suntory and a guest stylist based in Japan to bring familiarity to the Japanese audience.