Case Study, Branding
Client: Chopova Lowena 

Chopova Lowena is a luxury brand with a unique aesthetic. Chopova Lowena is based on the Bulgarian and British identities of its two designers. Based on the fact that the brand was created by friends and targets a niche market that shares a very unique aesthetic, I came up with the name Priyatel, which means friend in Bulgarian, as the title of the project. The campaign started by transforming and expanding on their iconic characters. I recreated the female character of Chopova Lowena, painted in pink, with a hand-drawn feel, and created her friends in a similar way. We wanted to establish and strengthen Chopova Lowena's community through these key visuals. From this perspective, our team was able to design a TikTok challenge approach and an exclusive product called Keychain that we felt was the best fit for their product.